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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Rest In Peace Grandma

It was a devastated week. Grandma was scheduled to have her MRI scan on the 18th of November 2009 Wednesday due to her frequent headache and giddiness. At first doctor only claimed that it was her ear infection that drives her to dizziness and nausea. After weeks and months of antibiotic consumption, there were no melioration. Her health deteriorate drastically day by day.

She was pronounced dead in between her MRI scan. It was a shocking news! I was told she was fine and she is at her hunky-dory state. She even asked the doc’s permission for discharge before she was pushed into the MRI room. So what really happened inside there? I heard she was given sedative as grandma claimed she was too cold to continue with her scan which is only 15 minutes left to finished the whole process. Sedative given to cold and weak patient? MRI rooms are cold bloody idiots ! Doc and nurse, lab assistant came out quietly and pronounced the time of her death.

It was truly awful. Nothing can be done but heart filled with anxiety and doubtfulness. It sounded like murder.

Flash back  of grandma keeps popping in my head.

- Our phone conversation.

- She at our home in Sabah taking care of mom when mom was bedridden.

- Taking care of us when we were young.

- The look of her happy face when we tell her some nasty jokes.

- Her delicious Kopi O breakfast and “yau char kaui”.

- She in her sarong.

There is too much to mention about her. She was one strong loving lady. Her high pitch of her voice always got people confused that she was angry. She was never mad at us. We were never got bawled out too. All she wants was her family members love and care. She hopes for her children and grandchildren to return and visit her often. That was the only thing she hopes and wants all along. Money don’t buy her happiness. She only wants to talk and meet us! But non of us took it seriously and we have took her and second aunt for granted. I regretted for not visiting her often.

Bye and sorry grandma! May her soul rest in peace.clip_image002



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