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Monday, November 09, 2009

Lets talk about my Friday 6th.

I was actually flying off to Yogyakarta, Indonesia for 4 days 3 nights via Singapore last Friday which was on the 6th. After planning for months Sharon and I decided to postponed this trip as we were kinda worry about earthquake and tsunami.

So the air tickets were burnt and well I stay at home catching some Z's. It was my off day. Sleeping the whole day is what I love best.

My phone rang during my best slumber, ‘ Hello, is this Khor……? I am calling from Krispy Kreme. You have been selected as the winner in the Fave Fan Contest”

I was so awake and excited. I was asked  to sign a document which the organizer sent to me via email and has to revert to her back asap as she needs to send back to the US. Can you imagine if I am in Yogya that day ? WIll I be selected as the winner? I am sure my phone will be in OFF mode if I am in a foreign country.

Well little that I know, my cancelled plan has saved me to another trip of USA. Am I lucky or what? Thanks a lot to my family and friends who have support and vote me to become the winner. Ever vote does count!


I got heaps of plan next 2010. it will be awesome I know 2010 will be an awesome year for me!

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