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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

International Dog Show in Impact Muang Thong Thani, Bangkok

I own 3 dogs and a cat. They are like my kids. 3 boys and a girl. A happy mom indeed. When I was away in Bangkok my pets will be sent to Pet Hotel.

While away, like a mom, I miss my fur kids. The feeling of not having them beside me or while at home is simply lonely. When I return home the first thing they do is they bark and lick my face wanting me to carry them and pat them on their head. Batting EyelashesBig HugThe feeling of warmth to be at home. What I love most about them is they wag their tails simultaneously waiting for me to pat them when I return home. They are so cute! Puppy dog eyes


So to prevent my self from missing my fur kids, I usually will linger in Bangkok’s pet shop,  shop for foods and dogs clothing for my fur kids. What I love best is able to attend one of South East Asia’s International Dog Show in Impact, Bangkok. Its a shame that I was unable to attend one in 2009. I was browsing thru some of the old pictures and made me want to share the pictures of the cute critters that I saw  a year ago.




Dogs are man best friend!

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