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Thursday, October 01, 2009

Opps Mother Earth Is Angry again…

“Jieh!! Did you feel the earth shake?”called out sis.

“ Got meh? No, I don’t feel anything. Wait I go ask around.”

“Wei , did the earth just judder or sneeze?”

“ Where got? Nola!”

“ Sis, Sorry no one felt a bit of it at all”

“Jieh, CL felt it in Mid Valley also. Everything was shaking here just now. I was so panicked!”

No one got hurt in this scene of phone call conversation or during the earth quake. Sister was traumatized.Fret not, she can still cope up with her life. Everything is back to normal half an hour later.


Top stories of the imminent catastrophe is at the front page of every newspaper and news website.

Mother Earth is in pain I guess. Human has disregarded that we are the harum-scarum that has stamp down their land. Tsunami, earthquake and typhoon has cause havoc at the South East Asia region.  Land might have been shifted or relocated. Maps might have to re-alter. We are soon entering the danger zone of latitude and longitude then ..

War aren't that scary no more. The sudden rage  of Mother Earth is what really shook the earth. There will be no place for man kind to hide the hideous rage. So?

LIVE YOUR LIFE! Don’t try to perplex things. Don’t crack your mind for some little debris that stuck somewhere in your oblongata. Nothing is more important than the one who is always right beside you! Clouds might fall, who knows? I am going to hug and love my self extra more now.

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