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Sunday, September 27, 2009

The ugly truth..

Day 1

A flyspeck woman at her 30’s wearing tight yoga pants and a loose blouse; might be too concern of sun rays exposure; she has this long sleeve of togs covering both her hands. She came in quietly with a man at his 40-ish wearing a gold square frame spectacle and a massive, eye catching curly hair, wearing T-collar light blue button shirt. They looked around for a minute or two then sat down quietly behind a pillar away from those nosy eyes. The most isolate obscure sitting place in the shop. That is table 45.

One might not notice them if are too busy at work. They ordered a pot of tea and sat for 4 hours. Once in a while the man will walk to the washroom doing his fly while walking.

Day 2

Miss afraid of sun and Mr. Curly came again that noon. They are wearing the same outfit. It was awfully hot that day, without hesitation they sat on table 45. Not even an eye on any other comfortable seats. The old fans at their high speed are pulling in the hot air blowing at their oily face. Not one was seating at that particular area. The sun was burning hot blinding everyone’s eyes in the shop. They make no heed but sit comfortable facing the hot sun. I find it weird but who cares….. Again they sat for 4 hours with just a pot of Chinese tea. This really has brought my attention. Who the hell sat under the hot fucking sun for 4 hours?

Day 3

Ms. Afraid of the Sun came again with Mr. Curly bringing a child along. She must be 4 years of age. “Mummy mummy blab la bla “she address the lady. Ok so that is the child’s mom. A family of 3 came to eat today. Again ordered a pot of tea, asked if they would like to ordered some food to eat, “Later!” exclaimed the uncivil bitch. Not a smile. Her nose is constantly aiming the sky. At that time the child shouted “uncle, uncle”. Huh? Who is this man? It’s not the child’s father. Suspicious minds starts to eyeing them. The man ignores the child, not a word. His squinting eyes were look ing away from the child.

They again sat for few hours; the child was drench with sweat. Poor kid, she was playing with the toothpick, tissue and water to chase away her boredom. Then suddenly the mother yelled at her and gave her couples of hard cold slap on her face. She wept into tears. What is she thinking? She is slapping her kids in front of the public, subsequently yelled her to stop weeping. It was uncomfortable to witness her striking her own kid in public in such manner. The child hastily stops bawling and sat straight in her best behavior. An hour later they left.

Day 4

They came without the child and sat behind the pillar at the infamous table 45. They ordered a beer every half an hour. They sat for 6 hours that day. My curiosity got my nerve. What is with them sitting the whole day in the shop? It’s annoying for them sit in the shop ordering beer every half an hour. I walked to table 45, walked around that area. I was surprised to see that woman rub her legs against the man’s thigh then her flirty hands softly stroked on the man’s lap arousing Mr. Curly. Slut the word simply came to my mind. They were having affair behind the pillar at table 45 all those time.

Reminds me of that poor child, the mom brought her to witness all the ugly affair of hers’. Yet the innocent she got that slap from her very own mom in front of Mr. Curly. Seems to me is like mentally and physical abuse to me.

Life sometimes is kinda complicated. If parents could be more responsible on every way they are doing. Child shouldn’t be drag along.

Day 5

They came and conquer table 45 but did not last long as later table 44 and 46 were occupied. They were sandwich in between. I guess they felt uncomfortable and left early for other place.

Day 6

The little girl came along; they hang for more than 4 hours. The child again plays with her own self witness the ugly truth of her own mom. Mom was openly embracing the man who the child addressed as uncle.

Days ……

More to come ………to see the ugly truth.

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