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Thursday, September 10, 2009

I feel bad

Lee Jr. sent me an email stated that her sister Corina will visit me and hubby in Bangkok next week. Gee… I really feel bad now. We have been back for months and we thought they knew till Corina send us her schedule of visiting us in the capital city of Smiles.

I did not meet her last year as I was away with Gabriella to Aonang. It has been years since I last meet her. Kent did meet up with Corina and her boy friend and they had a great time. I feel lamentable and sad when a far away relative or friends came to visit and I am always occupied with some stuff or I being away. Times always clashes! I feel bad.

She has been very cordial reception and I have been dragging and delaying her invitation for years. Arghhhh … I feel supremely very bad now. Both money and time has tied me down. If only I have the machete to just chop of the rope that tied onto my hands. Magic Wand perhaps…..

Just hope that, my plan to visit OZ is drawing close..


  1. Dun feel such way lar, remember to buy lottery this saturday & sunday, mana tau boleh strike.. haha.. by tat time nothing able to tight u.. & sure u will become a bird w/o a legs. haha~~

  2. u are back wahahahha.... hope i win lottery.
    tak beli how to kena ah?


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