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Saturday, September 12, 2009

My Mind and Supper

My mind has becoming vaguer each day. It seems that I have short term memory too. Sometimes I forget that I drive to work and I waited for my hubby to pick me up at work. Cuckoo and time waisted *sigh..

Perhaps my mind has been showing flaccidity. The sign of aging is appearing. My blog is getting slow either. I have lost my ideas of writing. What the heck…And all I can think of is food.


Yesterday after work, I hurried home took a shower; then drive hurriedly to Jalan Bukit Bintang Park our car in Low Yat Plaza. Walk hastily to Federal Bowl Arcade which is next to Low Yat Plaza. I looked at the time, it’s already 11 pm. I asked the receptionist “Is it still open?” The receptionist replied me “yes, we are open until 1.30am”. Hubby and I paid at the reception; we walked in to this place where we were fascinated by the Zen interior designs and the varieties of food.

We have entered a food paradise. Yaki Yaki Japanese BBQ Buffet.

It was lovely; there were no other customers. It appears like we have reserved the entire place for ourselves. The ambience and the lighting were so romantic. The best thing about this is we do not have to queue to pick our food, no crowd. Yohooo….. I‘ll let the photos do the talking.

Tempura, Mochi, Baskin Robins Ice Cream, Free flow of Cocktail, Sashimi, Sushi, Oyster, Scallop etc….

Oyster and Sashimi has always caught my attention so there is no other thing that is worth it than this one……(I love Sashimi, Scallop and Oyster la , of coz there are much more selections than my favourite)

I only took a few shots. There are more foods then what is in the picture. I was way too busy eating than to snap a picture.

Yaki Yaki is currently having a promotion till the end of September. For those who are working nearby Bukit Bintang is best to eat during the lunch hour as the price is crazily low at 19.90++.only. No I did not left out any figure in 19.90++. .. It's a non halal restaurant by the way.


  1. oi, belum beranak sudah ada short term memory arr, aduii... eh, the foods looks delicious larr.. somemore hor.. so cheap eh.. next time bring me there arr.. hehe :)

  2. can no problem la .... . i seem forgetful lately . i think i am having short term memory....dah tua lah ni

  3. I also have short term memory .. sometimes after watching a movie, I cant recall of the casts.. cant recall of the jalan cerita.. even at work, sometimes when my boss is talking to me.. my brain is totally empty that i can't think of anything.. arrrghhh.. i wonder what is happening.. perhaps these are the sign that we are going to enter our 30's ??? Goosshhh...

  4. Alice I have the same symptom too!!! Gee.. We better be careful then. Or else we will get senile by the time we reach 35. LOL


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