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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Me day.

I am not doing anything. I am gaining weight. I pig-out. I eat almost every couple of hours. There is nothing much I can do at home. I am too lazy to move my bum. I sit in front of the monitor or every rectangular shape screen. Stumbling sites, collecting tokens, gaming, reading blog…..whatever its bore to be home. I shouldn’t say bore, I am too lucky to be home. I don’t have to do anything. :P

It’s hot and humid. I got pimples everywhere. Arghhh…… Sien!

I couldn’t sleep late. I woke up early. I felt the heat in my room in the early midday.

I trashed out my old stuff in me room just now. I can’t believe I still have dozens of shit in my room’s cabinet. They are all rusty, old and stinky. All cramped in the old murky cabinet. It must have been years since I open the cabinet. Well I have been staying in KL for almost 10 years now, yet still no success in my life though.

I found my toddler’s shoes, my red ballerina tutu / costume ( I was a ballerina) You will believe me when you see me o_O, me old tote tuition bag when I was just a child. I was the perfect innocent one. :P Duh… Oh well I am definitely happy to found all those things. It kinda brings my memory back with my mom. Sigh … if only she is still here. I remember

· I was a ballerina,
· I played musical instrument,
· I had my hair perm many times which I don’t like it, and mom took me and sis to the salon where we have to sit for hours with the chemical on our hair,
· I was a swimmer .ermm still a swimmer the fat lazy one,
· I remember going to a drawing class. Till today I don’t know how to draw,
- My sis and I had tailored made "Littles Girls on the prairie" dress. We kinda have this English thingy going on. I have nicely hand craft quilt bag and blanket.
· I went for this arithmetic mathematic class, calculator is easier,

Can’t recall all my memoirs though.

Besides that I found my old favorite VHS cartoon too. The twelve task of Asterix. Rerun and watched and I satisfy the whole day. Until now here I am to write my silly stuff just to past this long minute of my life.

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