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Friday, June 19, 2009

FiFi -----

We agree to write about us.

C Fui T best known as Fifi. The first time I saw her we were in Mr. Chan’s tuition class. I remember her left elbow keot me from writing my notes. She was poking my right hand with her elbow. Both of us were kinda big actually hhaha.. Those tiny place don t really fit us.
Our friendship blossoms when we started to car pool to tuition class.

We bitch about everything from gossips, boys, cars, songs to the little mites on Foo BLin’s table. The little mites really talks to us while we napped on the table. Haha.. Talking about FBL I think she eloped or something. ..

Back to the story, we attend almost the same tuition class. From bahasa to physics tuition class. Each and every class has our own version of something special.

BM tuition, I remember we knew Emily Jane, Esther and some Sabah Chinese students. That was when we start to go swimming together with EJ. English class – our teacher is a pastor’s wife they went back to UK now. Besides improving our English, we learn to cook too. Physics Mr. Teo’s class- we got kemarau in our class. A guy who can consume 2X 1.5 litter of water within 2 hours. That is how the name came in. Physics Mr. Lim class- the wife was scarier than the husband. We hate the class and we always tried to sleep without getting caught. Cikgu Chan’s class – it’s all about dirty minded stuff and boys hahaha….FooBLin class- we were flirting … we even talk to the table mites. Hahaha

We did attend dance –jazz class too. I remember how you broke your leg and we have to carry you to the hospital. Hope you don’t mind this. We did have fun in the class. We danced like whom? Janet Jackson ah? hahaha we dance like Janet Jackson got her leg bitten by crabs.

Remember how you say H is so cute? And you are so in love with him. Well it’s all in the past. Eventually you get to have your first crush as your husband. It’s a truly romantic story. You remember how you chase him? How he broke your heart? And now you got his son!

You used to hang out in my house after tuition class and we will wander everywhere. Heehe… This is a lot to tell from here.

I do still keep the letters we wrote to each other while studying in KTAR. You like to add m behind the word Condo on my mailing address. I wonder is the post man was aware of it. There were lots of stuff we wrote. Eson, the Mormons?, your bf……

There is too much to write in our memoirs. It’s a never ending story. What is best, I did enjoy my adolescent life with you. It was fun. I hope there is more to come in the future.


  1. aiyo.. after read ur blog.. reminds me a lots of our good old times. missed those good times tat v share together. Time Passed so fast..hope tat our friendship will never end. :)

  2. totally agree


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