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Friday, June 26, 2009

Feels like in Cagliari again...

I am content that I finally found few of my old classmates from Cagliari. They are utterly happy to see me too. Ah.. The wonders of Facebook! I have been searching for ages to look for them via snail mail and the internet. I have sent them snail mail and it generates back to me after few months of mailing. Finally.. phew..

Still I can’t wait to find Consuelo the girl who sat beside me while we were in class. We were writing to each other until her addy altered. I remembered studying Dante’s Comedia which I don’t really comprehend. It’s all in Italian. This teacher lent me a book in English, title - Dante’s Comedy. I was asked to summarize the story. I did nothing for the summary as she her self do not read and speak English. Funny eh? End up I slept in the class all the time. My classmates envy me loads while I was sleeping hahaha…

I was asked to upload more pictures from 10 years ago. Will be busy scanning later….

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