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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Aiyo Mio Miami

This is an accidentaly delete blog.

Aiyo Mio Miami


I did have a great time in LA and Miami. Though I was tired and stressed with the long hours flights. I was struggling in the flights. I was sandwhich between hubby and this old Taiwanese uncle. Taipei - LA 14 hours flight really sucks! Well it all ended and I am now right back at home sleeping in my comfortable bed.

I miss everthing in the USA if only I bring more money.. hehhehe.... I can shop till I drop.
Victoria's Secret and Hard Rock was amazing. So much beautiful stuff to see. Arghhh..... i can't stop thinking of the lovely shopee. Budget lor........ the vacation is too short. The proudest thing is to visiti Miami Ink!!! I was so happy to be there. It was incredible though the celebrity artist was not in but hey I was at Washington Avenue in Miami Beach 1344 Miami Ink Tattoo Parlour!

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