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Monday, November 07, 2005


Who? What ? A male hairy feline. A nice cute present from my fiancee. Ok this Kitty was born in Penang and lives in KL. Just like the owner. Hahaha.....

I can still remember the day we (Kent, Josphine, Lydia and me) were looking for a kitten around Penang island. We were like nuts. Thanx anyway. I enjoyed driving during that time!From Air Itam to Gurney then to Tanjung Bungah, Georgetown then back to Air Itam pet shop named ToBY.

Yeah this is where Toby's name is from. It's just like the American Indians. What you see is what you name!

Toby is 9 months old now and is getting hairier, bigger and naughtier.....I just brought him to the pets grooming center. I thought i should be the one to be pampered? Anyway its like a companion to me at home. Wonder where do i get those scars on my hands? Thanx to Toby!

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  1. Welcome :) This is nicely done. Keep it on! Umm, will u keep updating? Will u jz like me?? Hehe..


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