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Monday, November 07, 2005

Chicken Little

Chicken Little

I have been hearing for months Chicken Litle.. Chicken Little..and so I booked 3 movie tickets in advanced for me, Kent and bro. Till the last minutes we changed our mind and decided to cancel the movie. Both of us end up in Genting Casino in the middle of the night. :P As for bro, he ends up in older bro's house. He did his good job baby sitting my younger brother.

Well last night my brother and I went to watch it. The story is different than the fables tales. This time the sky is really falling.

Why do the aliens invaded Okley Oaks? - To look for Kirby the hairy little cute baby alien.

Reason for aliens to come? - Acorn! They love acorn! They go back to Oakly Oak every summer just for the acron.

Chicken Little? - To proof to Oakly Oak and his dad that he was not lying and making up aliens stories.

The Ugly Duckling aka Abby, Runt , Fish? - Chiken Little's friends. I love Runt. Without him I don't think the movie is going to be funny. Fish? The err... should i say the dumb and the stupid ? Or may be he is just curious! Abby - the ugly and the smart one. A mentor and a girl friend to Chicken Little.

Well its much more better than the Incredibles! Yucksss.. whats with the cape and the hero things?

Thumbs up for Chicken Little! Hey its a cartoon OK!


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  2. Where got ppl baby sit then go Casino one?? Haha...Anyway, u brought Vincent for cartoon then ok la... At least now, u got brother to accompany u :)

  3. hahaha... biasa mah ok liao luu


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