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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Decisions Decisions.....

Decisions Decisions.....

Do you really think it's easy to make such decisions? What will the others think? You don't care? You are so selfish!

Oh ok now.. tell me then.. What do you think? Should I follow what ever you are instructing? Or ? Who is deciding now? What is decision? - Make up your mind! Ok now I am confused! What is the point of making the decisions if one wants us to follow exactly what they mean? Get the point now? Still don't get it?

I don't know when comes to choices, I always ask for opinion and of course it always end up with the two words "You decide". Same answer from everyone but yet there is always little bitty bit hint hidding behind the " You decide", asking me to choose one of it. If it turns out ugly and causes REGRET there goes the bla bla bla from ...I don't know, sheep? hahaah...

Life is confusing. When you want to choose something you crave for , sometimes it just end up with the wrong choice! Always.... is always too late to turn back time! It is kinda sad that sometimes its hard to decide which is which! Pros and Cons? Never help! Ok ok I know this is kinda silly........ should I say ...123. point and choose then let it all depend on fate and destiny? Yeah! That is the answer that we are all have been waiting and been doing. Life is like gambling. :P

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