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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

KL Aquaria

Man.... what the? I don't really think I have learn anything from the trip. The place is like so small and the fish breed is like balik balik the same thing! Sea Horses ? hahaha.. Those who have been to Semporna or living nearby the sea will surely puke to see such things here! Haiyo ...What to do ?

Vincent is here and he is complaining me not taking him around. And we ended up in the errr.. THERE. I can't think of any nice place to go in KL. Any recommendation ? Oh FYI, Vincent is only 13 years old.

The perfect take (fish's picture) ...goes to the PUFFER FISH. ...

The other part in Aquaria.

Recommendation :- Well for those who have been to the Sea World, Underwater World, ..... or any other sea sea places ..... no high expectations please! Unless you have a new born kiddo baby ... They might wanna see and know what is a fish and water.. :) After all they always see a dead cooked fish on the plate!

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