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Monday, June 28, 2010

Makan Makan in Bangkok

Talking bout food, Thai food is mucho mucho really  tempting. 
I can drool when i think of its spicy and its sour flavor .

Raw salad for appetizers. Usually eat it with spicy or barbecue food.

Kaw Nieu (sticky rice) another way of eating it with other dishes. You don't place all the sticky rice on your plate .

Spicy duck 

Barbecue pork


Yam Moo Sausage

Barbecue beef

Barbecue beef

Yes I ate it all 

In Yayoi! MBK 

Had this Black Tea by Oishi almost everyday. Can't get it in Malaysia. Sigh ...

Chicken Rice or Kau Man Kai is a must eat food in Bangkok!!! Ah roy mak mak !

Yam Won Sen . My all time favourite

A pretty nice place to hang out for coffee and tea . They have the best desserts ever ! I bought the cake to go.

I can't resist the tempting food!

What i bought back to my hotel for lunch !

Banana Cheese Cake. Super cheesy and soft. Full of luscious cream

Tiramisu... Look at the coat

Last but not least Dairy Queen is a must have in Bangkok!!!


  1. wah.. punya byk makanan tu.. jgn makan sendiri bah.. share.. next time hor.. u courier for me arr.. This is a MUST!!! Drooling ... :(

  2. don drool kawan dont.. hehehe ... will courier to you super express to you and you can still feel the heat of the food one hehe


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