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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bangkok Kaki

I think it’s time for me to generate a new fan club, Bangkok Kaki. What do you think? There will be discussions of food, area, transportation, budgets, interesting findings and etc. I am thrilled and satisfied that I finally made that tempting trip of mine to Bangkok last weekend. It was kind of impromptu visit. I was so raring to go during the red shirt politics conflict finally I took out my guts and went alone.

I by no means had enough with Bangkok. It seems like there are constantly more and more surprises at the end of each tapered street or what they call “soi”. Food! The main reason for flying all the way was for the authentic Thai cuisine. I love their street local hawker food. It’s so alluring that you want to keep going back as if you have been cast with their magic spells. Bangkok is like my second home. Once I step in Pathumwan I smell home and food. I am unbelievable content.

Call me crazy but I got this weird dream, I want to own a nice service apartment in Bangkok. Fly there as promptly as I wish, brush up my Thai and end up retired in a nice coast area of Thailand, well may be Hua Hin or Surat Thani.

Standard of living is not high. Food and transportation is cheap. Life is simple unless you have the other way of thoughts. You can’t utterly brawl the pros and cons of each country’s benefits. So let’s not argue about that…. In short



  1. I love shopping @ Bangkok! :D
    And the foot massage at Pratunam Centre - WOW!

  2. its a shopping heaven !!! you should go to wat poh for real massage!


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