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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Its all about puppies.

July 1st. I am back in KL. I discovered Faye is pregnant. Shit! How am I going to move then? I can’t even think when I found out she is pregnant. It’s all horny little Liam’s fault.

The night before her labor, she resembled nervous and depressed. It ain’t all right the whole night. She kept waking me up.

Then one early morning on the 15th of July, Faye screamed. Yes she screamed! I was as panicked as I know she was in pain. She kept screaming few times. Fortunately I have prepared a spot full of towels and paperboard. I took her to the spot, wait for miracles to happen.

Scissors, threads, everything is ready. In few minutes time, I saw a green, plastic, sticky wrapped puppy came out from her womb. I and my sister who saw all the process was so excited. We had our cameras and video ready. Captured every moment the puppies were delivered.

The fourth puppy was born dead. She has a “mickey” spot logo on her back and a diamond shape marking on her head. I was sad not to have her alive. I kept rubbing her stomach hoping miracles could happened. No luck by then.

On the fifth day, the third puppy died. I think it’s due to pneumonia. She has a difficulty in breathing few days before she died. Milk and water can be seen on her nose area.

On the second week after birth I saw the 2 puppies open their eyes. Today 7th August 2008, the two puppies are trying to stand up. I know this started to sound like a children journal but hey it’s amazing to see them stand.

The big one is a male I name him Pedro. The second one with lots of marking / spots is a female I name her D’lyta. There are buyers who are interested to own them. But when I saw the whole process of them growing I don’t feel like selling. Kinda heartache. I name them!!!!!

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  1. Happening leh!! Can show us the video????


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