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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

23 June 2008

Today I get to download the song I have been listening it on the radio, TV and from the ring tones of Ying's china made Nokia hahah… sorry Ying if you are reading this. Peak Aof Ice I got your song man. The song is still in my head after turning off the radio.

I got the lap top skin free from some one. Errrrr…. Well it’s free. Just hope to change it real fast hehee……. (Evil smirk)

I really miss my pets and family. I really want to post the latest pictures of my pets that Wern has surprised me. If I do post it I could have been sue for animals abusing. Well they are not being abused just that they are too dirty and unclean. Pai sei la…

Day after day is a same routine here. I just can’t wait to go back to KL next week. I really miss my good old days on my bed till the late afternoon. Wah… super good.

Hubby is getting thinner due to his frequent exercise. As for me, the food is irresistible. The spiciness has made my stomach cries for hunger. I can’t stop eating for crying out loud. Food is cheap and is damn good. I even bought a 500ml of this liquid Gastric medication which cost only RM3.50. This will be my 24 hours on call standby medication. Yes it’s in my bag all the time! Everything is cheap here. Medic here is supremely safe. I only buy from a pharmacist.

I find it safer to live here than to live back home. I have placed my hand phone on a public place. Guess what every time I turn back its still there. I am actually thinking of losing my old phone and hoping to get a new I-phone. Kekeek.

Yes there are pick pockets. What is the rate? Lower than back home. Bag snatching? Never heard of it! KL? Everywhere!!!! You got to hold on tights to your stuff. It’s a no fun carrying your favorite bag. You might loose it if you are not careful enough.


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