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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Summary of last year ..... and lately

It’s been months since my last up date. Been working and lazing … But now I am back as a house wife again. Didn’t get to travel in the F*&^ company!! Bullshit la!….
He he I am not used to it now. I feel weird and all I can think of is money!!! How am I going to save and what a bout my future traveling plans?? Ipanema, whale watching in Argentina, Voodoo in Haiti, sunbathing in Bahamas or in the Caribbean, how about The French Polynesians?? Bye bye Bora Bora Island. Now I will stick my self in Krabi and Koh Sa Mui.

Oh ok back to the winning. I won my self in Digi Fuyoh! Won a bit cash but did not win the grand prize. Hubby participated for me in the gruesome ride in Genting. That is so sweet of him! So bye-bye to the 10 pax trip to Los Angeles. If I was not mistaken I guess it was in end of October.

Then in November 2007, Hubby and I went to Japan. It is amazing how we can travel the whole Tokyo in 2 days time. As we arrived in Narita, we took the bus shuttle to Shiodome / Shimbashi area where our hotel, Royal Park Shiodome is situated. We placed our bags showered. Rush to Tokyo Disneyland by the light railway JR line. Well it’s out of my expectation. Tokyo Disneyland is so god damn small! Most of our time was like sitting there waiting and watching the parade seeing the American cartoon character speaking Japs. “Scratching head”

On the second day, we walk form Shibuya to Harajuku to Meiji Shrine. Then to Roponggi, Ginza, Akibahara, well u name it we went to the entire Tokyo famous street all on foot. Tsukiji and Akasuka…..
Conclusion we were tired and happy for the trip. Loving it.. I am starting lazy to the whole journey. It’s best to watch my video then to tell.

Missing Chasoba and Sashimi very much now!!!!

In December, we went for our second Bali trip. It’s the best New Year ever. Shows, band, dancing, booze, food, everything one can ever get during the Gala dinner. Lobster, Oyster, veal, conclusion the food is super great.

Then January, waiting for times goes by for Chinese New Year. Celebrating Chinese New Year in dad’s new home. I was happy to invite some old friends over for chat on the open house dinner. Nothing much but its fun to be home!

Back to KL work… Boring ….

Till hubby came home one day telling me he will be based in other country soon ….New life coming up and I am moving again…..


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