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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Auggie month

I am going to talk about my slow - ok ok Auggie month. Early of the month Lee Jr. and Ursula went to Sabah to meet dad. Then finally the last stop of their 3 weeks holiday was in KL. It was fun having dinner and shopping together. Ushi had a great deal with the shopping spree.

Chee Leong met an accident in Taman Connought and it was on the first day of the 7th month in the Chinese Lunar Calander. My first reaction when I first arrived at the scene OMG! Luckily Chee Leong did not hurt himself. Thank god he is alive. 2 persons died on the spot.

Karen had her 2 months off for her South East Asia tour and her last stop was in KL and it’s in my crib. It’s been a while since I last met her which was in Yee Yong’s wedding. Didn’t get to chat much at the wedding but we manage to do it here in mio casa. Well we did manage to make a small gathering to meet Alice and Chai San at this small buffet place. I am still waiting for the photos from Karen. Itu Annie lah, lat tai again. Almost forgot, Yeow Hui did took me and Karen to a lovely Japanese dinner.

Fifi and Anthony was here in KL. Another shopping couple in town. Everything ready for the wedding and a new life.

On the 31st Yeoh Hui, invited me for wine drinking. No more Whisky and beer. Guess we are old for that. It’s been awhile since we drink. Really miss the college life back then. When is the next glass?

Then Yung Huey came to visit. No I think it’s a stop la. We did manage to go for a movie. A horrible movie which we will never forget macam kena scam la. %^&* the movie “Ghost house” sounds scary isn’t it? But it is a story without any horrible or scary ghost. A nice story but I don’t think the movie has a correct name for it. Super Tulan …!!!!

Pedro and D’lyta are getting bigger and bigger. I am kinda sad that I will be giving her to a friend soon. Sim tia lo. I have been watching them growing for 2 months. Now they even recognize my voice.

I did not meet Uncle Lee and Aunt Marie in BKK. Kent did manage to meet them and bring them for Thai delicacy tasting. Corina and Greg will be meeting me on the 17th Sept. I think Kent has follow up this for me too as I will be in Krabi with Gabrielle and Stephanie.

Will come back and update my life in BKK. Brandon and Wern thanx for taking care of my babies.

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