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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A little ~ heartbroken scene.

Grandma regularly will call me in the evening, updating families stuff. Her voice sounds really heartbreaking today. She accidentally washed Vince's jeans not knowing that Vince's mobile phone (NEW- present from Dad) was still in the pocket.
As she told Vince, well he just gazed at her sadly. Not a word from his mouth. Didn't even finish his lunch. Straight away walk to his bed. I never thought that Vince just walk away inaudibly, usually he will throw his tantrum.
Who's to blame? Grandma is just doing the laundry. Checked pants but well accident does happen sometimes.Vince? Guess he forgets his phone in his pants. Who doesn't forget? Till the phone rings .. Duh~
Just hope that the phone can be fix~

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