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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Aquaculture - Hatchery

Arrived at around 7am at my brother-in- law's aquaculture. It's kinda fun to be greet by few kids (goats) around. Look how small they are.

Few kilos of shrimp waiting to be weigh.

The actual size of the shrimp.

Add, Chinese Wine + Ginger + live shrimp

My niece, Adeline. Waiting for more shrimp to be caught!

Early on that day, I guess around 6 am. Kent woke me up. And took me for a ride on the motorcycle to his brother estate where the hatchery is. The view was nice too bad I did not take any pictures of it. The river beside the estate are full of monkeys and stork. Its not that kind of panorama that I can get to view everyday. Everything looks so peaceful and relaxing. The sound of the stream is just so right. The sun looks great that day.

Yeah it was fun to play with the children and doggies, kids chasing beside beside the river. While the adults busy with the catching. Me? Observing every details that I want to see.

I visit the veggie farm as well. Get to pick few spinach and Kai Lan. haha....... Oh and coconut too.

I recall few years ago, there was once my mother in law took and show me to the rubber estate. Never get to go into a rubber estate before and that was my first time. And I trust that will be my first and last visit. As I enter the estate, I presume not more than few seconds, my hands and legs were covered with mosquitoes. I can't even spot own my skin! It’s an unbelievable sight! And the itchiness last for a week. The best thing was learning how to taper a Rubber tree and to see the rest of the process. Used to only read it in primary school never thought I will get that close to see the it.

The estate visit did taught me a lot. I had fun with my nephews and nieces. The taste of the veggies and coconuts. The shrimp. It’s just simply lovely!

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