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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Opps i did it again !

My phone ring tones * Your way to beautiful gals that's why .....* on and on ....
Sien who the heck call me in my beautiful sleep? The weather is so chilly and I am beautifully wrap under my soft warm blanket like a cocoon. Kanasai.... ok ok I am coming .

Hi I am S calling from XXX. Can I speak to K.
Sleeply ... What is it about ?
I am caling from XXX I would like to speak to K.
*Yawn* Speaking ......
Can I have your name please can you please spell it.
Congratulations K you have won the bla bla bal bal
HUH???? You must be joking !!!!! Tiba tiba I am awake.

I double confirmed all the things the callers said. And I went to check online. Yes, I did it again!!


- To b continued -

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