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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Fashion Sense

If you are......

Don't wear horizontal stripes, too many colours at once, too many or big accessories, or bags slungs across the body. Avoid the layered look.
Don't wear trousers with turn-ups or wide legs. Don't buy trousers that are too long and chop them; that only alters the fit and not for the better. Avoid short A-line skirts and large prints.
Do wear outfits in one colour, slim-fitting straight-leg trousers. You can look leggy by wearing a skirt, tights and shoes in the same tones. Wear simple lines and keep to small accessories.
Do scour petite ranges and teenage girls' sections. Wear one button jackets done up above the waistline.

Don't wear clothes with vertical lines, patterns or pinstripes.
Don't wear one colour head to toe or crop tops. Don't carry tiny handbags or wear small earrings or necklaces.
Do wear low kitten heels rather than completely flat shoes. Try layering and skirts with a frill around the bottom or a patterned hem.
Do wear low-waisted bootcut or straight-leg trousers and jeans. Don't be afraid to carry bigger handbags or ones you can wear across your body.

Large breasts
Don't wear the wrong size bra and spill out.
Don't wear tops with ruffles or pastel shades, thin spaghetti straps, delicate camisole tops or complicated necklines.
Don't wear bulky tops, necklines that are too revealing, tops in spangly fabrics or sloppy casual tops that cling. Watch out for 'pulling' on shirts.
Do wear subtle v-neck tops that hint at cleavage, dark colours in matt fabrics on your top half, and tailored shirts.
Wear wide-leg, bootleg trousers or fuller skirts to balance your heavier top half. Try scoop necklines in plain fabrics.

Small breasts
Don't assume any bra with padding will work. It must fit so the seams and padding can't be seen.
Don't not wear a bra under flimsy fabrics.
Do wear jewellery such as chokers that detract from a flat chest and balance your outfit; halterneck tops give shoulder width.
Do wear pretty tops or dresses with spaghetti straps. Other good choices include curvy jackets nipped in at the waist, tops in lighter fabric than your bottom half, coat dresses and ballet-style cardigans.

Large hips/thighs
Don't wear bias cut skirts or dresses that cling, narrow-leg trousers or jeans, flat shoes, any kind of cropped top or tapered knee-length skirts.
Don't wear cargo pants or combats with side pockets, jackets or coats with belts that will flare out over your hips, belts that cinch the waist.
Do wear bootleg or flare-cut dark denim stretch for a relaxed line over curves. Combine with heels, low-slung belts and fine-knit cardigans with just the top button done up.
Do wear close-fitting denim skirts to below the knee with split, baggy cotton or parachute trousers, and knee-length jackets with structured shoulders that will balance out a heavier bottom half. Take out pockets in trousers or sew them down.

Big bottom
Don't wear light colours below your waist. Also avoid narrow legs, shiny fabric, leather trousers or thin heels.
Don't wear oversized, baggy or men's trousers, jeans with detailing and pockets, short skirts, anything half a size too small or bias-cut dresses that hug the bum.
Do wear looser fitting, lower slung trousers that skim, longer length jackets that end below your bottom in a single breasted simple shape, and open-toe shoes.
Do wear dark colours on your bottom half. Jeans in dark denim stretch will minimise baggy waist problems, or try trousers with no back pockets and pinstripe trousers. Try tying a thin knit cardigan round your waist for casual camouflage.

Large tummy
Don't wear skirts or dresses in flimsy fabrics that offer no support, drawstring waist trousers or low-cut hipsters, elastic waist tops, big prints or tiny floral prints.
Don't wear support knickers that are too small or tops that contain lycra - they just emphasise spare tyres. Don't wear tops designed to be tucked in.
Do wear denim skirts with a zip or buttons at the front - the fabric really holds your stomach in.
Do wear shirts or cardigans with buttons, leaving the last three or four unbuttoned to skim over tummy. Wear longer length jackets, trousers that zip at the side and flat-fronted skirts.
Do wear big chunky belts slung around the lower stomach, long and lean stretch jeans to elongate your body and slightly low-slung waistbands.

Plump legs/ankles
Don't wear mid-length skirts that end at your calves, short mini skirts, calf-length or ankle boots, light coloured or shiny tights. Don't let your hem fall at the fattest part of your leg.
Don't wear very delicate strappy shoes, ankle straps or ankle chains. Don't wear heels above 2.5 inches if you are a size 4 or under - you'll just look off balance.
Do wear wedges, low-cut shoes, black knee-length boots in suede or stretch fabric (if they won't do up around calves). Skirts that end just below the knee make lower legs look longer.
Do wear sandals with broader straps across the foot to disguise puffy ankles. Wear dark coloured plain tights or fake tan.


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