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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Can't sleep

Gee... Its only 4 am. They are still watching UEFA championship Barcelona vs. Arsenal.

Visions are still blurring, shoulder blade is still pain. Neck sprain...What else? Flu is here...

I miss mom, dad and everyone, the family trip I have been. Bro and sis are so young and innocent in the photos. The usual quarreled among brothers and sister stop years ago and it seems like we just had one fight yesterday. Mom has been gone for 6 years!! Yet it feels like a month ago.

I miss everyone in secondary school. Everyone looked so young in my class photo. Look at them now. Ermm... changes in size, hair style, skin.... what else... matured? Cool careers.....married...Some? Not sure where they are.....
Those nice sweet adolescent's ages are end. Am so missing it.

Everyone is getting older. I am going to be 30's soon. yieks.. That old ah?
haha.... I have to give "Ang Pow" during CNY as well. It’s a no fun thing not to receive "Ang Pow". I really miss that.

Things happened. Shocking news, unexpected stuff... some are joy some are well REALLY REALLY unexpected. It's just so weird.


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