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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I am the Unsung hero

And the winner of the MTV unsung hero is ... Khor Chin Shih!!!! Believe it or not ? Me the unsung hero the profanity controller, the beeper??? Me myself speaks the vulgarity.

Fakaneh! I must be dreaming ...but hey I won the grand prize ok !! hahaha..

Everything was properly arranged and plan. Tat Wee made a great arrangements on my flight and accomodation. Its cool and luxurious loving it.

I am so glad that I met all my friends out there, my close and good friends. Been planning to have these kind of meetings but yeah I met all of them. All of them have turn into beautiful gorgeous girls. Yes I did . i've said it. You guys really have changed a lot since we last met. Each and everyone of them are happy with their lives. I am happy for them. That's is the quality of life! Really keep up!
You only live once don cha?

Cousin thanks for being there as well! Appreciate it ! Thanx for your support man ! Huey is truly a great companion but hey please la cannot tahan the snooring ler... hahha. But I did have a good rest and sleep last night after the restless and the clubbing the other day. hehehe....

The best thing is to meet Dennis. She is so pretty ! Love her man !

Ahhhh the good old days...... memoirs sudah lor.

My luggage are still unpacked. Lazy ler.... yet I am flying again this Thursday to Phuket with a couple of friend.

Will update again soon ....

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